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      meaning, for himself, that wherever roamed a certain maiden whose whereabouts in Dixie he could only conjecture, there was the New Orleans of his heart.

      "Why, that's my photograph," she said. "And this--this is his watch--watch and chain." She dangled them. A light frown came and went between her smiles.

      Pierre Chastellain.

      If my wish has found favor with Ye, Heavenly Powers, cried Charicleia, raising her arms with southern fervor towards the sky, oh! give me, in my husbands presence, a sign that my prayer will be granted.

      "I answered, that they could give up their arms and place themselves under my mercy,that I should do with them what our Lord should order; and from that I did not depart, nor would I, unless God our Lord should otherwise inspire."


      Orites, lend thine ear, Stone smooth and splendid, Let us the spirit hear Within thy heart hid. Stone that thyself canst stir, From earth arising, Lipless art thou, yet murmur Counsel inspiring.


      A whimpering sound like an infants cry was heard.When Hipyllos returned, the last discussion among the hetaeria took place. It lasted an hour; finally the members of the society released one another from their oaths and divided the money which had been contributed.