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      I dont think youll be wretched, he said, and he took the hand that hung over his shoulder and stroked it. But Ill strike a bargain with you. If youre not happy, if anything goes wrong, you shall come back to Three Star if you care to.

      How many? he asked at last.I will not, Lilias, she said. Youyou do not know. I meanshe falteredI would rather not. You shall be the mistress at Belfayre, as you always have been. Do you think I would supplant you and take your place? Why, she forced a laugh, I could not, if I tried. I should not know what to do, what to order. No, you must be the mistress.

      You go to Selvaine to-morrow, she said, and ask for Lilias, like a man, and tell him I sent you.He looked at his revolver, braced himself to the occasion, as the French say, and stood pale and erect. He knew what he intended to do: he would fire above Varleys head.

      Esmeralda ran down-stairs, and Lady Wyndover, as she listened to her, sunk into a chaircollapsed perhaps would be the better wordfor a few minutes, until she recovered from the series of shocks which Esmeralda had, all unconsciously, administered.

      The duke patted Traffords hand.They walked through the park to the cliffs, and Esmeralda stood and gazed at the sea in a silence which Trafford did not break; he watched her face, and thought its awed and rapt expression more beautiful than the view which had called it forth.


      She considered for a moment, then the thought that the fact of her driving about the country without him on the day after her marriage would excite surprise, flashed upon her, and she said:


      Lady Mary was as much taken with Esmeralda, and laughed with delight at Esmeraldas strange speeches and peculiar accent, and did not seem to at all resent the fact that she, Lady Mary, played second fiddle so far as the men were concernedfor they formed a circle round Esmeralda, as usual.


      As long as you do, it does not matter, said Lord Selvaine.