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      And then the lights went on.

      "I wonder how much she m?akes at it."Reuben stood silent for a moment, staring at the boy.

      "Well, I'm justabout ashamed of you, and I w?an't have anything to do with it.""Let me t?ake him on, f?ather. I'll show him a thing or two."

      "Now none o' that, missus," said Reuben roughly"you put the child back in her cradle, and go and lie down yourself. I d?an't want to have to fetch doctor in to you.""Stop;" said the baron, "the knave surrenders. Base-born churl, how dare you oppose my commands?"

      "Oh, it's just a tale that's going r?oundsays they found some lawyer's mess in his title-deed. His father never thought of common rights when he bought the land, and it seems as how they must be written down just lik anything else.... But there's young Ben Backfield talking to Coalbran. He'll tell us, I reckon.""YesI've only to look at a man like this ... and he always does it."

      She was leaning against the wall, if he had released her she could not have run away. She was like a rabbit, paralysed with fear.

      Holgrave rushed on the steward, and the clash of steel rang through the church-yard.Pete was a very innocent soul. He had spoilt many a man's beauty for him, but he had never been the slave of a woman's. He had broken arms and ribs, and noses by the scoreand he had once nearly killed a man, and only just escaped being arrested for manslaughter; but he had remained through it all an innocent soul. He had always lived in the open air, always worked hard, always fought hardhis recreations had been whistling and sleep. He had never thought about sin or evil of any kind, he had never troubled about sex except as it manifested itself in the brutes he had the care of, he had never read or talked bawdry. All the energies of his nature had been poured into hard work and hard blows.



      "Sharp stones are under him...."


      "Silence!" was at length vociferated by a dozen court keepers, and Calverley was asked if he was ready to begin. The steward answered in the affirmative, and slowly read the indictment, during which, a profound silence was maintained throughout the hall.