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      "Oh, Miranda, isn't all this ours?"Such was the state of affairs at the beginning of our tale. It almost seemed as if the capture of the spies was to give occasion for war; one of the youths had succeeded in escaping and the Cychreans feared that during his stay among them he might have obtained news of Tydeus death. This Tydeus, who had been so shamefully stoned, was Periphas brother, and the chief thus had double cause for vengeancehis brothers murder and his slighted love.

      I remember, he said, gravely. And you are in trouble?

      There was no quick reply. From her concealment Flora, sinking noiselessly again to the carpet, harkened without avail. The soldier--so newly and poignantly hurt that twice when he took breath he failed to speak--gazed on the disclaiming girl until for; very distress she broke the silence: "I--you--every flag of our cause--wherever our brave soldiers--"Shes gone! he said, hoarsely. Theyve taken her!

      "Yes. Must we fire on that? and fire first?"


      Out in the hall the front door opened and closed and a sabre clinked: "Is Miss Callender at home?"