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      [22] One of these maps is entitled Carte de la dcouverte du Sieur Joliet, 1674. Over the lines representing the Ohio are the words, "Route du sieur de la Salle pour aller dans le Mexique." The other map of Joliet bears, also written over the Ohio, the words, "Rivire par où descendit le sieur de la Salle au sortir du lac Eri pour aller dans le Mexique." I have also another manuscript map, made before the voyage of Joliet and Marquette, and apparently in the year 1673, on which the Ohio is represented as far as to a point a little below Louisville, and over it is written, "Rivire Ohio, ainsy appelle par les Iroquois cause de sa beaut, par où le sieur de la Salle est descendu." The Mississippi is not represented on this map; butand this is very significant, as indicating the extent of La Salle's exploration of the following yeara small part of the upper Illinois is laid down.

      **** Talon a Colbert, 2 Nov., 1671.

      He was born of an ancient family, which could boast names eminent in Florentine history, and of which the last survivor died in 1819. He has been called a pirate, and he was such in the same sense in which Drake, Hawkins, and other valiant sea-rovers of his own and later times, merited the name; that is to say, he would plunder and kill a Spaniard on the high seas without waiting for a declaration of war.

      We have said that this group of tribes was relatively very populous; yet it is more than doubtful whether all of them united, had union been possible, could have mustered eight thousand fighting men. To speak further of them is needless, for they were not within the scope of the Jesuit labors. The heresy of heresies had planted itself among them; and it was for the apostle Eliot, not the Jesuit, to essay their conversion. [3][23] Lettre de Frontenac au Ministre, 14 Nov., 1674. He here speaks of "la grande rivire qu'il [Joliet] a trouve, qui va du nord au sud, et qui est aussi large que celle du Saint-Laurent vis--vis de Qubec." Four years later, Frontenac speaks slightingly of Joliet, but neither denies his discovery of the Mississippi, nor claims it for La Salle, in whose interest he writes.

      [225] This seems to have been taken from the secret repositories, or caches, of the ruined town of the Illinois.

      Hereupon he began to sing, his countrymen joining with him. He walked to and fro, gesticulated towards the sky, and seemed to apostrophize the sun; then, turning towards the Governor, resumed his harangue. First he thanked him for the life of the Iroquois prisoner released in the spring, but blamed him for sending him home without company or escort. Then he led forth the young Frenchman, Guillaume Couture, and tied a wampum belt to his arm.


      Quebec in 1634 ? Father Le Jeune ? The Mission-House ? Its Domestic Economy ? The Jesuits and their Designs


      Now Lycon is forgetting Zenon! she replied, and raising her light dress, ran off towards the house.Lycon gazed with a strangely vacant glance at the preparations for the drinking-bout, and it was evidently a relief to him when Deinocrates asked the new-comer to continue his story.


      1682, 1683.Beaujeu says that this affair made a great noise among the officers at Rochefort, and adds: "There are very few people who do not think that his brain is touched. I have spoken to some who have known [Pg 362] him twenty years. They all say that he was always rather visionary."