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      His teeth set. The little man gasped audibly. "Good God!" he said, "I" he stopped.The town of Charleston being now in his[274] possession, Sir Henry Clinton proceeded to reduce the whole province to obedience. He issued proclamations, calling on the well-affected young men to form themselves into military bodies, and to act in support of the king's troops, pledging himself that they should never be called upon to march beyond the frontiers of North Carolina on the one side, or those of Georgia on the other; and he assured the inhabitants at large of the utmost protection of person and property, so long as they continued peaceable and loyal subjects of the Crown. In the meantime, Lord Cornwallis continued to enforce these proposals by the movements of his troops. Could Sir Henry Clinton have remained in this quarter, he would without doubt have steadily carried his victorious arms northward till he had everywhere restored the rule of England. But he was completely crippled by the wretched management of the miserable Government at home, who seemed to expect to reconquer America without an army. At this crisis he received news that the Americans were mustering in strong force on the Hudson, and that a French fleet was daily expected on the coast of New England to co-operate with them. He was now compelled to embark for New York, leaving Lord Cornwallis to maintain the ground obtained in South Carolina as well as he could with a body of four thousand men. His second in command was Lord Rawdon, a young officer who had distinguished himself greatly at the battle of Bunker's Hill, and who, like Cornwallis, his chief, was destined, in after years, to occupy the distinguished post of Governor-General of India, with the successive titles of Earl Moira and Marquis of Hastings. The chief business of Cornwallis was to maintain the status gained in South Carolina, but he was at liberty to make a move into North Carolina if he thought it promising.

      Sandy, when he turned around, ten minutes later, knew all that the inside of the haunted hangar could reveal.Yes, he said very quietly for him. The jinx! The hoodoo. I think its broken, thoughin fact, I know it is.

      "Are you trying to drive me off?" she said measuredly. "Do you wish me to go away from you? If you do, I will go. I will go, and I will never come back. But I will not go to himnot on my own account. It doesn't matter what happens to me; but on your account and on his, I will never go to himnot while you are alive." She stopped, and every nerve in her body was tense to quivering, her drawn lips worked.

      Mostly, Larry caught his own mistakes in time.

      Anyhow, they discovered the false emeralds and tried to destroy them. Sandy was more confident at Larrys acceptance of his ideas.




      "Are you afraid she will contaminate me?" he asked. He was peering at her over the top of a newspaper.