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      The mere mention of the much-abused crackers made both their mouths water."Did the grocer know the man who bought the barrel?"

      "Good Heavens!" exclaimed the Judge. "Do you mean to say you have had to associate with such people?""We had the house on Thirty-Ninth street searched from top to bottom without discovering any clues as to what became of the body. It was not until we went to Mr. ... to the rich man's country place, that we began to make progress. We learned there, that two days after the murder, that was Sunday, the owner brought a barrel up from the city in the back of his automobile. He informed his servants that it contained a new poison with which he intended to spray his fruit treesI should explain that he is an extensive raiser of fruit, and under his supervision the barrel was put in a little shed in one of the orchards where the spraying apparatus, the poisons and so on were kept."

      "I've alluz said," spoke another of the prisoners, "that this wuz a rich man's wah and a pore man's fout."

      "Jest talkin' to the children," said Shorty, seeing with relief the children bolt out of the back door. He slipped his hand on his revolver, determined to kill the 'Squire, the Major, and the other three men before he would take a syllable of the oath.

      The Major seemed satisfied, and said at the conclusion:



      CHAPTER XIV. DEACON KLEGG'S SURPRISE"You're too nice and pertickler for a soljer. Si. They'll all be doin' it, even the Cap'n himself, by termorrer or nex' day."


      "Hello, the house!" came out of the darkness at the foot of the hill."If ye mean loil to that rail-splittin' gorilla in Washington," replied the master, hotly; "to that low-down, nigger-lovin', nigger-stealin'"


      "Were" stuck in his throat. That those strong, active, ever-ready comrades of a few minutes before now merely "were" was unspeakable."You hain't no choice, Madam," said Shorty severely. "Law and orders is strict on that pint."