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      "Oh, a good while, 'bout eber since you went away. But after massa was took sick, he come oftener, ob courseebery day, sometimes two, tree times a day. Massa got so'pendent on him, like, he couldn't bear to have him out ob de house, one time."

      "Proverbs!" interrupted Bergan, starting, and beginning to look interested."Rome! I should like to see Rome before I die, Martin; if it were not too troublesome for you"

      "Why not?" asked Diva, composedly, seating herself on a low, broad stump by the way-side. "Mr. Arling is not a vain man, he will never suspect us of waiting for him. But if you must have an excuse for lingering here,why, there are some exquisite ferns yonder,gather them for your parlor vases."

      Hubert's long-repressed impatience here broke forth. "Settle this matter as you like," said he, "I am going to look for my brother."Astra shook her head. "I could not put it anywhere now," she answered, drearily.

      "Nevertheless," persisted Doctor Gerrish, "it was not that poison which killed him."


      He led the way to a small room, pleasantly furnished as a library; and Bergan followed him, though not without a vague sense of a lurking reluctance and lukewarmness in the invitation,which he sternly smothered, nevertheless, as unworthy of himself and unjust to his uncle.


      Hubert Arling wooed and won Coralie Youle. His strong likeness to his brother first found him favor in her eyes; by and by, she would have been amazed to be told that she had ever cared for him, except on his own sufficient account.And the return mail carried back to Mrs. Arling's bedsidewhere the battle seemed wellnigh overthe strong reinforcements of Doctor Remy's science and experience, to carry on the fight.


      Captain Pentreath, an army man of uncertain age, a bachelor, and one of a territorial family of many brothers, came next; and then appeared the vicar and his wife and one daughter, who made up the party. The vicar was deaf, but amiable, and beamed benevolently upon a world about whose spoken opinions he knew so little that he might naturally have taken it for a much better world than it is. The vicar's wife spent her existence in interpreting and explaining people's speech to the vicar, and had no time to spare for opinions of her own. The daughter was characterized by a gentle nullity, tempered by a somewhat enthusiastic and evangelical piety. The chief desire of her life was to keep the Church as it had been in the days of her childhood, nearly thirty years before.